Our collaboration with the client dates back to 2005 when we first created La Cigale, the high-end top-quality pastry store in the northern suburbs of Athens. Cuisine is now a fresh food concept that builds upon the quality of the established brand La Cigale and targets a younger audience, aiming to become an everyday destination. The store is located downtown Athens and offers daily cooked dishes, snacks and packaged quality Italian cheeses and cold cuts, as well as coffee and beverages; home delivered or for on-the-go consumption.


Once the concept is established it will be further developed in other locations, so the main challenge was designing an easily adaptable and functional layout that fits all necessary equipment in this small oblong store of approximately 40sqm. Keeping functionality high, we placed on one side the hot meals, snacks and coffee corner and on the other the retail section with the exclusive cheeses, cold cuts and desserts.

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We came up with the concept’s name and designed its elegant brand identity as well as the distinctive store architecture that communicates its positioning and unique story, so that people who work nearby and look for home-cooked quality meals are attracted. The store resembles the kitchen of a French countryside home, with wooden cupboards with patina finishing, a rustic cooker hood and pendant lights, French-style shutters used as a door and a paneled facade.

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