As food presentation trends constantly change, you have to make sure you stay “in fashion”. Functional, stylish buffet systems with clean and modern lines will ensure that you don’t miss your goal to impress your guests. Which are the advantages though of using a buffet system? Let’s see in details..

Beautiful presentation of food

Present different groups of food in different stations. For example have one station for desserts, another one for fruits , another one for cold cuts etc. Separate different dishes so it is more appealing for your guests. Food is more attractive when it is presented separately and your guests will enjoy to the maximum!


We have the solution ready for you , save time and use our buffet systems for any kind of event or social gathering. Our functional and versatile buffet is set up very quickly and can be present in indoors and outdoor events, galas, wedding receptions, brunch presentations , breakfast or executive lounge buffets. It is one kit with multiple components that can be set up in different ways just so you make sure you follow the latest buffet presentation trends.


Space nowadays is of high importance and priority. We took this under serious consideration when designing our buffet display equipment. It is stackable, you can move it around effortlessly, you can transport it easily anywhere and you can store it engaging as less space as possible. Save money, using easily storable and transported buffet systems.

Modularity and Mobility

Each event or social gathering is different. You can not buy different equipment every time as it will be too costly and space engaging. Instead what you can do is to choose a buffet system that can be changed and converted based on the character of your event. Our buffet system can change its looks by changing the colors , the sizes and the shape of the platters and bowls and all this on top of the fact that it is mobile and modular.

The Looks of your Buffet

How will you impress your guests if your buffet doesn’t have the perfect look? Who needs a buffet decorator when they have the perfect buffet system? Don’t waste your time browsing through the internet for tips and looking for advice on a well balanced buffet presentation. A buffet system will match your interior and you will have a harmonized look with a fantastic aesthetic finish.


But what else do you need on top of all of the above? You also need functionality and different options and solutions for color and warm food presentation. And here comes our icebox accessory together with the chafing fuel support. One buffet system that covers all of your needs. Moreover give some colors and light to your presentation with our LED buffet lighting. Illuminate and demonstrate your offerings to your guests in a great manner.

The atmosphere

The buffet style presentation brings people closer as it allows for socializing and chatting. The originality of your buffet comes from its friendly and cool atmosphere. Have your guests grab their drink, hold their plates and walk around and meet and talk with interesting people.

Minimizing the costs

Then everything comes down to the costs. How will you minimize your costs? Consider how many people have to work for a sit down meal, consider the delays in serving your guests, the complaints that the guests may have from the service. Choose a buffet system to serve more people, in less time, with no complaints. Save money now and you will see how much your guests will enjoy serving themselves directly from the buffet without having to wait for anything.

Wide range in the choice of the food

Who wants to have the waiter waiting over their head until they decide what to choose from the menu? No one..especially the indecisive ones. With the buffet style presentation everyone checks what is offered, reading the buffet tags, choosing whatever they want, no rush and with the possibility of refilling their plates.

Variety in the offering of foods

How will you present as different varieties of food as possible? With a buffet system of course. Have your guests satisfy different tastes which would be much more difficult if it was for a table menu. Asian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and many more, vegan, vegetarian or not all presented nicely with the buffet system as it increases the variety of the dishes served.

Our Buffetize buffet system is a modular buffet presentation having supportive units that lock with accessories so that customer is able to create unique compositions for all section of a buffet. The system is patented internationally. It comes along with a collection of glass buffet ware, a complete set of buffet glass presentation plates; a line that every hotel needs for executive lounges, breakfast buffets, coffee breaks etc. It includes a complete set of miniature glasses, deep bowls, plates and platters and of course elevation stands. The collection will coordinate to create fantastic modular buffet presentations while keeping your OS&E budget in check.

Author’s Bio:

Maria Ploumidou

Maria is a buffet systems advisor at Buffetize – a world leading buffet display systems manufacturer. With good eye for details she provides quick aesthetic and functional solutions that improve hotel and restaurant operations. Maria brings over 10 years of experience in the hospitality market and has worked with chefs and F&B managers from major hotel chains such as Four Seasons, Marriott and Hilton. She has a good  understanding of buffet set ups and extensive experience in assisting clients create memorable buffet presentations. When she is not helping hotels improve their operations she loves to travel and organize occasional home cocktail parties herself.