STIRIXIS Group recently collaborated with Diet Watchers in Saudi Arabia, a retail catering business for diet food for subscribed customers. Our client was seeking to launch a new retail concept in order to improve the performance of the retail areas and to roll out a chain of stores across the region, with a strong brand identity, elite modern style and retail approach.


Our services consisted in redesigning the existing stores under the new concept and also in adapting the same features to the upcoming stores. We created an attractive retail concept, including architectural and branding design, easy to reproduce and with the scope of low cost/high performance. In order to fine tune the concept, STIRIXIS Group had to roll out the concept in the first three locations for each category (retail and clinics) and to create the fill-out manual of the new concept for all the next implementations. Our main goal is our customers’ business sustainability; thus, we support the concept in its roll out in the future.


Repositioning of the brand, covering both clinics and stores under one unified concept, upgrading customer experience, building awareness and increasing visibility, conversion and revenue were only a few of STIRIXIS Group business objectives. The whole design concept is based on curved surfaces for the walls and fit-out elements which create an uninterrupted customer journey in the space. High quality materials, such as oak wood, white lacquered surfaces and copper pendant signature light fixtures, communicate Diet Watchers’ brand heritage and essence.

Project management and construction was carried out by our strategic partner Infadiah, a modern and bursting with energy firm based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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