Electrolux Professional’s HACCP International Certification becomes global, proving the company’s commitment to achieve international standards of quality, consistency, and food safety. 

Read: the Food Safety Bulletin, 2015

From the UK to the world

After the success experienced in the UK and Ireland – with Electrolux Professional becoming the first HACCP International certified laundry manufacturer, the company is proud to announce that this acknowledgment has now achieved global reach.

The crucial role of laundry equipment through HACCP compliance

HACCP certification is only awarded to equipment and materials that demonstrates it meets strict food safety standards after a comprehensive evaluation by a team of assessors. It is set to have a strong impact on the restaurant, hospitality, food processing and manufacturing industries as businesses are now able to guarantee bacteria control and food safety to their customers, when looking to bring laundry in-house.

In the food industry, contamination through laundry is indirect but parts such as nuts, bolts and springs can enter food with serious consequences. Additionally, laundry programs are also essential and it needs to be easy to set a disinfectant wash. Developed through analysis of the needs and challenges of laundry operators across the globe, the Electrolux Line 5000 has been honored with HACCP International Certification.

Richard Mallett, Director, HACCP International (EMEA) commented:“The Certification Electrolux Professional has been awarded is usually reserved for food service equipment only so this is a milestone development for the manufacturer. It re-affirms the crucial role laundry equipment can have in contamination control, playing its part in preventing outbreaks and illness across the globe.”

“Traditionally food manufacturing factories have had to outsource their laundry to guarantee cleanliness but the certification of the Electrolux Professional Line 5000 range has provided the option to invest in an on premises laundry with complete peace of mind.”

Making the difference for health and safety, globally

“Following on the successful experience in the UK and Ireland, we are very proud that the HACCP International Certification has been now extended globally,”says Eugenio Filoni, Global Segment Manager Special on Premises Laundries Electrolux Professional.

“The global HACCP International Certification is a unique recognition for Electrolux Professional, which confirms the company’s commitment to ensure the highest hygiene levels along the entire food chain and demonstrates how our solutions can really make a genuine difference in people’s safety, health and life, hence meeting the expectations of a changing world.”