Melinikon – Concept & Operations Fine-Tuning


Melinikon is a pancake house that opened recently in the center of Athens, Greece. After a few months of operation, the store’s owner turned to Stirixis for consulting on how the store would be more successful. One of the requirements was also to enhance its positioning as an on-the-go consumption store.

Stirixis-Melinikon-Pancake-1             Stirixis-Melinikon-Pancake-2




Since the pancake concept is a quite original idea for the specific geographical market, we mainly focused on the fine-tuning of the stores’ operations and the improvement of its functionality. Besides that, we also suggested some improvements in the design and decoration to fit the local preferences.

– Moved the bar from behind the stairs, that was initially placed, to the entrance of the store
– Added stands with stools outside the pancake house in order to promote orders to go and serve the more hasty customers.
– Enhanced the interior lighting
– Increased the sitting area inside the store

Project Team

Project Manager: Elena Athanassoulas

Architect: Eleni Sotiriou